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Stunning Silvermist Diamonds™ are named for the unique silver-gray color, which infuses them with a softness, warmth and beautiful luster that can only be found in natural diamonds. Imagine effervescent light as it plays through early morning mist, or the silver gray hues of the sky at dusk, and you have the remarkable color of these sparkling gems.
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Sterling Silver Jewelry and Silver jewelry are integral parts of every woman and man’s jewelry collection. From the simplest bracelets to the most magnificent earrings and cool cuff links, silver jewelry ranges from function to fashion and everything in between. AX jewelry appreciates the beauty of silver jewelry, but at the same, we realize how the right special piece of silver jewelry can really transform both the outfit, and the attitude. While most of our silver jewelry is crafted of simply silver, we integrate gorgeous diamonds into many pieces so those who like something extra can find it in silver jewelry designs they’ll love. Don’t forget sterling silver jewelry that uses rare Silvermist diamonds that cast a beautiful color on sterling silver jewelry. Explore our selection of silver and diamond jewelry to find something right for you.

Sterling Silver Earrings
Sterling Silver Earrings are sometimes the only choice for those with sensitive ears, because they won’t cause irritation. Silver earrings range in tons of styles and most of our silver designs include diamond earrings using rare Silvermist diamonds alongside traditional white diamonds. Try silver drop earrings for more drama, or stick with the simple stud silver earring with diamonds. Hoop earrings are another choice that people tend to fall back on because of their everlasting beauty. Whichever earring you choose, sterling silver earrings will always showcase the beauty of a precious metal that has been valued in a range of cultures throughout centuries. Take a look and see for yourself.


Precious Metals
Traditional precious metals that jewelers use to create jewelry include Yellow Gold, White Gold, and 925 Sterling Silver. These precious metals have garnered appeal over a time period of thousands of years, and with good reason. The value of gold and silver remains one of the most respected forms of currency today; especially when it’s fashioned into high-quality jewelry. Indeed, it seems that the best way to invest in precious metals is to pass down gold jewelry and silver jewelry to future generations of family members so it’s cherished and appreciated for years to come.


Alternative Metals
While silver jewelry will always have a mainstream popularity, alternative metals are beginning to carry a greater importance. Contemporary jewelers know that silver jewelry will always be a classic styling option, but there are so many more materials to experiment with including cobalt, tungsten carbide, and titanium. These alternative materials all have their place in the world of jewelry whether someone is making a men’s wedding ring out of tungsten or incorporating cobalt into fine gold jewelry. The jewelry created from these alternative metals lasts long and doesn’t damage easily, making it the ideal material for rough wear.


Silver Bracelets
Silver bracelets are traditional silver jewelry pieces that date as far back in time as the ancient Egyptians. Made in so many weights, shapes and forms, bracelets come as cuffs, bangles and simple wrap-around styles. The classic silver cuff bracelet is usually carved in a strong shape that carries a presence along with it. Various widths of the cuff make it a silver bracelet for a strong personality, while silver bangle bracelets may be more playful. Many love stacking silver bangle bracelets atop one another to create a fun look and sound as the bracelets have a tendency to clink together. Last but certainly not least of the bracelet types is the wrap-around style, which is probably the most popular silver bracelet. Links connect wrap-around silver bracelets to make a classic look you can keep forever.


Silver Rings
Silver rings can mean more than most jewelry because the shape of a circle continues into eternity. This combined with the comfortable quality of silver rings is why so many silver rings are used when proposing marriage. But silver rings don’t have to symbolize a lifelong commitment. Indeed, the beauty of silver rings encrusted with diamonds can simply be a luxurious way to express oneself. Choose a design as unique as you are with our broad selection of silver rings.

Silver Necklaces
A silver necklace is a piece of silver jewelry that can be versatile as it can stand on its own, be layered, and even hold a pendant. Most of our sterling silver necklaces come laced with a silver pendant covered in sparkling white and Silvermist diamonds. Be experimental with your silver necklace and wrap it around your arm for a totally different look. The beauty of silver necklaces is the multiple things you can do with the thousands of necklace styles we have.

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